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Visa Services in the UAE

Visa services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) cater to a diverse range of individuals, from investors and business owners to employees and their families. These services are instrumental in facilitating both business ventures and personal relocations within the UAE. Here is an overview of the key visa services available:

01. Investor Visa (Dubai Partner Visa)

The investor visa allows foreign investors to participate in various business activities in the UAE. It is typically issued for a duration of 2 years and is perfect for expatriate foreigners looking to establish businesses or invest in various ventures in the region.

02. Family Visa (UAE Family Visa)

If you are an expatriate holding a residence visa in the UAE, you can bring your family with you through the UAE family visa. This visa enables your family members to join you in the country, provided you meet the necessary visa requirements.

03. Employee Visa

The employee visa is designed for foreign individuals who wish to work in the UAE. It is issued to foreign workers who are employed by UAE-based companies and allows them to work and reside in the country legally.

04. Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is an exclusive, long-term residency program in the UAE. It offers extended residency to select categories of individuals, including investors, entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, and other eligible applicants. Golden Visa holders enjoy a range of benefits and privileges.

05. Green visa

The Green Visa is aimed at promoting skilled workers and professionals in fields critical to the development of a sustainable and environmentally conscious economy in the UAE. It seeks to attract and retain talent in sectors related to sustainability and environmental innovation. These visa services play a pivotal role in facilitating business growth, workforce expansion, family reunification, and the overall development of the UAE as a global hub for business and innovation. Each visa type serves a specific purpose, tailored to the needs and aspirations of those seeking to live, work, or invest in the UAE.

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